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"Holy Cannoli"

JAN 24th - 25th @ 7PM

Cast of Characters

MARIA D'ANGELO:  Italian woman, mid-to-late 20s.

JOHN DOUGLAS:  Maria's housemate, late 20s.

NICOLETTE D'ANGELO:  Maria's mother, Mid-to-late 50s.

SAL D'ANGELO:  Maria's father, late 50s, heavy set.

ANGELA D'ANGELO:  Maria's sister, late teens to early 20s.

ANTHONY PAVESE:  John's friend, mid-to-late 20s.

VINCENT ROSSI:  A friend of Maria's family, mid 20s.

TIME:  Present day

PLACE:  Maria and John's apartment in New York City

What do you do to prepare for a visit from your parents? Plenty, when you're the daughter of strict Italian Catholic parents who expect to meet your female roommate, who is actually a guy. John was hoping to celebrate his and Maria's two-year anniversary as housemates by proposing to her. Instead he finds himself as "Suzanne" wearing a dress and trying to cope with Maria's cranky father, her overbearing mother and her wild younger sister. Then there's Maria's old childhood friend who tries to make his move on Maria as well as "Suzanne." Add John's trouble-making friend and you've got laughs on top of laughs.


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