Ghost Tours At The Historic Richey Suncoast Theatre Just May Turn You Skeptics Into True Believers.

The Richey Suncoast Theatre is no stranger to teams of paranormal investigators coming to the theatre to try to capture evidence of the unknown. Unfortunately, these investigations haven't been open to the public... until now!

Now, before you take your voice recorders and ghost hunting equipment and start looking for evidence of the paranormal, we thought we'd share some pre-investigation intel - just so you have an idea what you might run into.


Is This Seat Taken?

No doubt one of the most popular accounts is that of the infamous seat BB-1, located in the upper balcony, stage right.

CLAIM: Many have claimed to see an apparition sitting in this seat, some even speculate it to be the friendly spirit of Willard Clark; a patron who frequented the theatre and always favored this particular seat.

However, BB-1 may be the most notorious seat in the house, it's definitely not the most active - as anyone who works at the theatre will tell you.


Keep The Door Open

& The Lady in White

The balcony door that opens on its own... or at least that's what it seemed.