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Sunday August 21st

Monday 22nd 7:00pm

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A Play Gets Murdered

Audition Dates

Sunday August 21st and Monday 22nd 7:00pm 

Richey Suncoast Theater

6237 Grand Blvd – New Port Richey

Performance Dates: November 11th & 12th 8pm, and 13th 2pm

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script

For more information or questions, please contact John Sallustio @


Written and Directed by: John Sallustio

Synopsis: It was a dark and stormy theater. Suddenly, a scream rings out!! The curtain opens to find a distraught woman. Her husband, the very wealthy Theodore Bodhi lay dead on the divan in his study. But who would have killed him, and why? Find out in this outrageous, unique comedy that will leave audiences laughing throughout.



Detective 1…...Senior Detective – m – 40 - 60

Detective 2…...Junior Detective – m – younger than Detective 1

Veronica Bodhi……Sexy, sultry wife of Theodore Bodhi – f – 25 - 40

Officer Bill Mitchell……Police Officer – any age/gender

Officer Fox Worthy……Forensic Specialist - any age/gender

Larry……Groundskeeper (Southern accent) – m – any age

Butler……Typical; dry/sardonic - any age/gender

Theodore (Ted) Bodhi…...Victim; Husband of Veronica Bodhi; not much of a part,seeing as how he is dead

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