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The Richey Suncoast Theatre will be interviewing for a new Executive Director. Please see the job description below and email your resume to the Board of Directors at

Executive Director Opening

Job Description:

The Richey Suncoast Theatre is currently seeking a full time Executive Director to oversee all musical, theatrical, cultural, and conference operations. The ideal candidate will possess excellent executive leadership and organizational skills, as well as have a passion for the performing arts. The Executive Director will develop a strategic plan and oversee day-to-day operations of the Theatre complex, including performances, marketing, workshops, rehearsals, programs, and special events. The Executive Director will exercise responsible stewardship for all resources within the organization to ensure the optimum balance of artistic quality, financial strength, and institutional integrity.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

● Report directly to the Richey Suncoast Theatre Board of Directors for all aspects of the position.
● Recruit, manage, and supervise all Richey Suncoast Theatre staff, including recruitment, oversight and supervision of the Theatre volunteers.

● Work closely with Board committees and committee chairs to proactively engage members in the service of the Theatre.
● Develop and manage the annual Richey Suncoast Theatre budget to support the organization’s programmatic and institutional priorities (Presented in April of each year for approval in May by Board of Directors).

● Provide monthly statements, including profit/loss statements for shows, cash flow projections, and forecasting to the Board of Directors.
● Provide monthly operational reports and feedback to the Board of Directors, identifying and communicating potential issues or operational shortcomings.

● Manage day-to-day operations of the Theatre and all associated theatrical, cultural, and conference activities. Manage off-site programming as needed.
● Proactively identify, schedule, market and manage Richey Suncoast Theatre programming.
● Market, schedule, coordinate, and manage Richey Suncoast Theatre facility rental requests (all rentals must be presented to board for approval prior to execution of any contracts)
● Oversee maintenance/management of all Box office, performance, storage, and ticketing areas. ● Oversee and champion fundraising activities, including individual gifts, Board of Director’s gifts, corporate gifts, special events opportunities, governmental support, and foundation grants. Grow the endowment fund to support future programming growth.
● Work with the Board of Directors and staff to create and execute long-term marketing and fundraising/development strategies that will sustain the fiscal and operational viability of the Theatre in solid & challenging times.

● Develop, maintain, and foster relationships with local and regional government agencies, advocacy groups, businesses, arts organizations, and the community at large.
● Attend meetings, fundraisers, press conferences, and other events as a representative of the Richey Suncoast Theatre.

● Oversee contracts as needed, including performers, agents, leases, vendors, insurance, and rights/royalties.
● Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors based upon business needs.

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