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Wednesday January 4th, 2023 7pm

Thursday January 5th, 2023 7pm

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Audition Dates: JANUARY 4th AND 5th at 7pm

 at Richey Suncoast Theatre

Performance Dates: MARCH 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2023

Tech Week: FEBRUARY 26th through opening

(Must be available all of tech week and the weekend of the show. We will not rehearse every day but may need flexibility.)

Director: Susan Capicotto


Comedy written by John Smitherman.

TIME & PLACE - current – aboard the cruise ship, Pacifica

Synopsis - John Douglas is a workaholic casting agent going on a much-needed vacation cruise to Hawaii.

However, when he arrives, he soon realizes that his relaxing time off is about to be anything but, finding

out that his small cabin has been accidentally booked to not one, not two, but four other people. If you’ve ever been, or plan to be, on a cruise, you'll love the hilarious antics that take place as John tries to deal with the personalities of an overzealous Cabin Steward, a rich Texan with his new bride-to-be, a gold-digging Las Vegas Dancer, and a washed-up Lounge Singer in this off-the-wall comedy set on the high seas. Sure laughs for the whole family.


John Douglas- (40s; Average Build, Talent Agent)

Pierre- (20s; Cabin Steward, Real name is Kevin)

Claudio- (Late 50s; Italian Bellhop, very little English)

Ryan J. Grant- (Late 40s; Cruise ship Singer)

J.J. Jameson- (50ish; Texas Oil Tycoon)

Claire Lane- (Late 20s; J. J's Fiancée, Sweet)

Joan Dougle- (20s; Very Attractive, Vegas Dancer)

The Maid* - (Can be doubled by Actor playing Claudio)


We will be holding rehearsals Monday to Wednesday evenings with a call time of 6:45-9:15. These days can be flexible upon discussion with the cast. We may add additional rehearsal days if necessary. As we get nearer to opening, and start running the show, rehearsals will run later, but we will do our best to start on time and get out as early as possible.


PLEASE BRING A LIST OF ALL POTENTIAL CONFLICTS WITH YOU TO AUDITIONS. This helps us to plan our rehearsal schedule to utilize our time together.

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